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Solo Exhibitions
Last Sip First. Galerie pleasewait, Paris. 2018
Mute. Golborne Gallery, London. 2017
Stutter. Cob Gallery, London. 2016

Selected Group Exhibitions
Turbulence. Golborne Gallery, London. 2017
A ____ is A ____. Golborne Gallery, London. 2017
Muscle. Paul Loya Gallery, Los Angeles. 2017
Oceans Without Surfers, Cowboys Without Marlboros. PM/AM, London. 2016
Heat. Paul Loya Gallery, Los Angeles. 2016
Hamburger Eyes. Slow Culture, Los Angeles. 2016
Royal Rumble. The Cremlin, London. 2015
You Can’t put your arms around a memory. Faux Pas, Moscow. 2014
Young British Alcoholics. Eternal Youth, London. 2013

Selected Publications 
Bored at the Bookies (2018)
Count Me Out (2017)
A Wanderer Plays on Muted Strings (2017)
The Fate of Empires & Search for Survival (2017)
Clichés & Consequences (2016)
Stutter (2016)
Intentions (2015)
Swings & Roundabouts (2015)
Brambles (2015)
Like a rat up a drain pipe (2015)
If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you (2014)
Happiness is door shaped (2014)
Paradise of Neurosis (2014)
LifeStyles (2011)
Snake or be snaked (2011)
Some good, some bad (2010)
Still got my teeth (2010)

No Expectations (2018)
People look well in the dark (2017)